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What is the best selling car brand in the world?

It's German. It's about Volkswagen. Despite the scandal in the atmosphere, which in 2015 included German giants, the Volkswagen company sold in 2016 ten million and 312 thousand models. Toyota is second, with 100,000 less cars sold. Both brands recorded a rise in sales compared to the previous year. What is the best selling car? It's Toyota's Corolla, with more than 1 million cars sold all over the world. In second place is Ford F-Series and third place Volkswagen Golf. In the Top 100 classification, among the Italian cars is only Fiat 500, the last place with 205 thousand cars sold.

Why not leave the engine to heat up

Experts have discovered the best way to light up the car during the cold days, and for many it can be a very surprising fact. Although car technology has advanced far beyond the last 20 years, the cold remains a problem for vehicles. After leaving the vehicle outside at night, in frost, there are many who widely believe that starting the engine for a few minutes is warming up is the best thing they can do. But in fact this does not bring anything good to your car. In an article published by the "Mirror" daily, this process only takes longer to heat up. This action comes from the carburetor time, which took several minutes until it reached a certain temperature to work optimally. Now most of the cars do not have this.

Here's the truth about the car with the gaze

Circulation of many myths about cars produced by a gas engine is due to the lack of information or bad information. That's why SEAT's responsibility for gas cars, Andrew Shepherd, sheds light on the uncertainties that we have. He also believes that these types of cars will have an important role in the future and this is shown by the figures on their sales growth. 1) Do they offer the same sense of direction?

2) Is the gas cylinder as safe as other deposits?