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The renowned G-PoÄer company for this year's car show in Esen has prepared the reinforced version of the famous BWM model X5 M.
G-Poeer, the engine of this BMW X5 M - 4.4-liter V8 The-Turbo, has reinforced it at 551 kW or 750 horsepower, transmits Koha.net.
Data on speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour have not been detected, but it is now revealed that this enhanced maximum speed is over 300 km / h and that up to 400 km / h reaches 11, 5 seconds.
Also, the G-Poeer for this X5 M has also selected the new Hurricane RR RRs from 23-inch diameter aluminum, which are available in a multi-color version, 315 / 25ZR23 tires, black front masks, defenders more expanded, new thresholds, new diffuser, carbon fiber bushes, modified shock absorbers, and the sports titanium dioxide exhaust system.

"Titanium" BMW X5 M with 750 horsepower