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While the coming of the Sportback S1 / RS1 was expected, the German manufacturer is focusing on the next RS Q3 model for 2020.
An SQ2 was launched last year in Europe and spy photos have shown that it will be followed by SQ8 followed by an RS Q8 at the top of the segment.
The fastest known division known as Quattro GmbH is also working on a new RS Q3, which was spied in Sweden.
Although camouflaged, it seems that Audi's newest model will have a much more aggressive bumper with big entrances to the air, which will be the competitor of the Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 rival.
Contrary to the original reports suggesting that the five-cylinder engine would produce 400 horsepower, Germany's Auto Bild magazine writes that the car will have a 2.5 liter turbo engine. It is believed that RS Q3 will have up to 420 horsepower. This is not surprising given that Mercedes-AMG A45 S will be equipped with 416 horsepower with 2.0 liter engine.
The Audi Q3 RS premiere has not yet been officially announced, but it is expected to happen in March at the Geneva car show, which means that the powerful RS will reach by the end of the year.

Audi RS Q3 for 2020 will be a true beast