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Conventional (traditional) vehicles use gasoline or diesel to power an Internal Burner (MDB). Hybrid Hybrid MH (Hyprid) have an electric motor and additional batteries. Hybrids are supplied as traditional machines, but partially empowered and by electricity, which they concretely receive during braking. With the use of both engines: DB-motor and electric motor, hybrids achieve greater efficiency than other / traditional fuel vehicles. Also, they pollute less and save driver's money from lower consumption and reduced costs. Power-driven electric motors increase the efficiency (efficiency) of Hybrid consumption in several ways.Having an electric motor allows for a more efficient engine design, This power additive facilitates the petrol / oil engine demand. The combustion engine actually produces less power, but when combined with electric motors, the total power of the system passes and the power of a 'performance' with-DB (Internal Combustion).

(Regenerative Braking) is the other option from which to save Hybrids. Traditional machines slow down through the friction braking system (and the 'Kinetic Energy') shuts down as 'heat'. 'Regenerative Braking' allows a portion of this energy to be captured, turned on and accumulated on batteries; Where, then, the engine is used and empowered. The Braking-Regeneration System also prolongs the 'life' of the vehicle's braking system.