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Despite the fact that modern cars have a lot of security features and computers, which ensure everything goes smoothly, you need to be careful with a few things. In the gallery above you can find some of the strongest advice of mechanics on how to "walk" the cars!


Placing many keys on the main car key can be very severe and its weight can damage the car's ignition switch. Split them, just keep some keys at the front of the car.


Do not overflow the engine The engine always comes with a gauge, which has the point to indicate if it is "full". Fill the fuel up to that point and do not overfill it, surpassing the point. Imagine if you fill a bottle of water up to the lid, this can cause engine failure and cause smoke from every corner of the car.


Follow the manufacturer's specifications of how often you should change the oil to it - as there is a reason for that. This is especially true for new cars. Some manufacturers use a very thin oil when leaving the factory and this oil needs to be changed immediately.