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This super-production of "Mercedes", which is preferred by all the rich people around the world, is undoubtedly a favorite car from "the strong" and the car-lovers behind heavy cars in Albania. On the streets of Tirana and the country often looks at such machines, which "tear" the streets whenever they give gas. But the last "beast" that has just emerged in the market is a "Mercedes" artwork. The "Brabus" company that deals with the modification of the vehicles has "introduced" the model "Mercedes-AMG G65". Its newest project is called the Brabus 900 Mercedes G65, where Mercedes-AMG G65 has been set up for this project as a base, transmitting "Koha". This model has a 6.3-liter V12 Bi-Turbo engine with a capacity of 662 kW / 900 horsepower and the speed from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour reaches 3.9 seconds, while its maximum is limited to 270 km / h . Also, the Brabus also offers the new Mercedes-AMG G65 package, which includes expanded side defenders, new defenders, spoilers, thresholds, new 23-inch aluminum wheels, Yokohama tires, most braking systems strong, modified shock absorbers, a new exhaust system, and a leather interior. The Brabus 900 Mercedes G65 has been promoted at the Frankfurt car show and will be produced in a limited series of only 10 units, while in the price this model costs 666,000 euros.