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Cameras that monitor driving behaviors and assess whether their condition is OKEarlier, people were worried about privacy rather than comfort, but these times are far behind us, the Telegraph reports. After devices like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, there can now be the same systems within the car.Car reports that Volvo is planning to set up monitoring cameras within the car, starting this year. Optical sensors will be used to track driver behavior, and other biometric premise.However, this system may cause disturbances that the manufacturer can collect personal data."These cameras can detect the level of glucose, just by looking at the baby's eyes and notifying the relatives of the driver or the hospital. At the same time, they monitor the level of stress during the time of return, "said Atif Rafiq, Volvo's chief technology officer.The Swedish manufacturer has been producing these cameras since 2014 to evaluate the emotional state of the driver, as technology will use it in the autonomous car program

Volvo plans placement of cameras inside the car